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Roc spotted  earlier today. Chresanto August, boyband rapper “Roc Royal” was arrested for beating up a defenseless older man earlier in July, the “mindless” 17 year old posted the video on his instagram account on a Tuesday early morning. Fans were disturbed. August later returned to twitter apologizing for his actions. Roc decided to turn himself in this afternoon. He is awaiting trial.  and if you believe this story youre a idiot i just edited this photo. 

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Lmao this is where that pic came from .

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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Wait .. Isn’t the baby’s name Carter & it’s middle or nickname Royal ? Didn’t Ms. Tiffany say Carter when she posted that pic on Facebook or ?

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Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron

They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

Why does this not have more notes??

Because we’re scared

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imagine reading a book of all the lies you’ve told 

IDK what kind of lives you all are leading, but this sounds like the boringest shit. “Yes I sent that email.” “Yeah, I like your outfit.” “I was sick.” “My mom said no” “No I wasn’t crying.” “Yes I read the Terms of Service”

what about a book of all the lies people have told you

Oh how the tables have tabled

Tables have tabled

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